Why AeroBarrier?

Historically, energy savings derived from building envelope enhancements have been challenging to achieve. At the same time, standards for envelope tightness are escalating. AeroBarrier, a new and innovative envelope sealing technology is transforming the way residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings seal the building envelope.

AeroBarrier can help builders meet any IECC, Energy Star, or passive house requirement more consistently and more importantly, more cost-effectively than traditional envelope sealing methods. AeroBarrier is a proprietary technology that takes the guesswork out of sealing the envelope.

We guarantee the results, whether you need 3ACH50 or passive house requirements! AeroBarrier is a first of its kind, cutting-edge envelope sealing technology for commercial, residential and multi-family applications with tested and proven results.


Designed for Health

Less particulates and dust, fewer pests, and less outdoor pollution entering the home.


Designed for Energy

Reduced envelope leakage means reduced mechanical loads, improved energy efficiency, and renewable energy feasability.


Designed to Reduce Costs

No more caulking needed to weatherize a space pre-dryawall. AeroBarrier requires no manual labor to apply and removes any sealing guesswork.

Benefits of Reducing Air Leakage with the Aerobarrier envelope sealing system

Air Leakage Diagram
Piggy Bank Savings

Experience dramatic savings on home heating and cooling

See immediate savings of up to one-third on heating and cooling

House Temperature Graphic

Enjoy a more comfortable home

More consistent room-to-room comfort with fewer drafts. Feel warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer

Moisture Icon

Help prevent moisture from entering the wall system

Reduce conditions that can lead to mold growth

Noise Icon

Diminish outside noise

Up to 40% reduction in outside noise from traffic and neighbours

Insect Icon

Defend against insects and pests

Seal gaps and holes to create the first line of defense against critters and pest

Better indoor air quality with Aerobarrier

Improve indoor air quality

Help seal out pollutants and allergens to create a healthier indoor environment with the inclusion of mechanical ventilation

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