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Every Innovation Counts

Every innovation counts in the quest for a more sustainable future. Aeroseal is an innovation that has significantly addressed energy inefficiencies while combating climate change. Born out of a garage in California in 1993, Aeroseal emerged as a solution to a pervasive problem: leaky air ducts and building envelopes.

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The Visionary Beyond Aeroseal

Dr. Mark Modera - Aeroseal
Dr. Mark Modera

Dr. Mark Modera, the visionary behind Aeroseal  (formerly known as AeroBarrier), identified the widespread issue of air duct leaks in homes and buildings. In the past, sealing homes and businesses was a messy and labour-intensive process, often impractical for homeowners. However, Modera’s breakthrough aerosol-based sealing technology changed the game. For the first time, it became possible to seal building envelopes efficiently and effectively, putting the power of energy efficiency in the hands of builders and property owners.

Partnering with heating and air industry leader Amit Gupta, Dr. Modera brought Aeroseal technology to homeowners nationwide, driven by a mission to deliver comfort, healthy air, and substantial energy savings. Aeroseal has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings, servicing over 100,000 homes and buildings worldwide. The technology has garnered recognition, including the prestigious Energy Top 100 award from the US Department of Energy

The Mission: ENvironmental Sustainability

One of the most significant aspects of Aeroseal’s mission is its commitment to environmental sustainability. Homes and buildings contribute 14% of all greenhouse gases, with up to 40% wasted due to leaky ductwork and building envelopes. Aeroseal’s patented technologies directly address these inefficiencies, offering a solution that enhances energy efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.

The environmental benefits of Aeroseal are profound and far-reaching. Sealing a house’s ductwork is equivalent to planting 50 trees while sealing five houses is akin to taking one car off the road.

With the potential to reduce carbon emissions by one gigaton annually, Aeroseal has become a critical player in the global fight against climate change. By choosing Aeroseal, you’re improving your home’s efficiency and actively contributing to a worldwide solution.

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Confronting ClimAte Change

We must confront climate change on all fronts, including the built environment. As we strive to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, innovative solutions like Aeroseal play a pivotal role in this endeavour. We move closer to realizing a sustainable future for generations by deploying scalable technologies that address energy inefficiencies.

In his annual Gates Notes letter, Bill Gates identified Aeroseal as a key player in the fight against climate change. This recognition underscores Aeroseal’s mission’s importance and role in shaping a more sustainable world.

As we continue to navigate the challenges of climate change, Aeroseal remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. Partnering with Aeroseal products, the Airtight Solutions team strives to make a difference daily, knowing their efforts contribute to a healthier planet. We can build a better, more energy-efficient future—one building envelope at a time.

Introducing Aeroseal Envelope

Utilizing Aeroseal Envelope addresses major risk management controls, including thermal, airflow, and vapour control. Aeroseal Envelope’s smart technology removes human error while sealing areas that cannot be reached with manual techniques.

Airtight Solutions Mandate

Airtight Solutions has a simple mandate: We help developers and construction firms meet and exceed building code regulations. By doing this, Airtight Solutions, our partners, and our customers contribute to sustainable building practices. Every innovation counts, and each commercial and residential property counts. If we can help you, please get in touch with us today!

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