High Performance Homes

Dwell Development

Dwell Development is Reinventing Housing, and Using AeroBarrier to Achieve 0.22 ACH50

Seattle is famous for homegrown companies that reinvent and disrupt industries, such as Starbucks and Amazon. Now, Dwell Development is reinventing housing and using AeroBarrier in the process.

Path to Net Zero

New Tradition Homes

In a Move to Zero Energy, New Tradition Homes is Testing Product Innovation

For 30 years, New Tradition Homes has led the Washington home building market, constructing over 5000 single-family homes. Recognized as a top 5 builder in the state for volume, New Tradition is also recognized nationally as a leader for building energy efficient homes.

Near Net Zero

Mandalay Homes

Mandalay Homes: Constructing 3,500 Carbon-Neutral Homes in Arizona

For the past five years, Mandalay’s Founder, Dave Everson, was on a mission to scale carbon-neutral (or zero-energy) homes, and offer them as a standard feature on every home they sell. The challenge is making such homes economically feasible and scalable.

Multi-Family Passive House-

Chris Benedict

AeroBarrier allows Engineers to Easily Attain Desired Tightness for Energy Efficiency, Comfort and Livability

New Technology Makes Effective Compartmentalization Simple for New York Apartment Building Project.