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Enhancing Air Sealing Efficiency and Productivity

Achieving airtightness in buildings has always been a critical aspect of energy efficiency and indoor comfort. 

Air sealing processes have traditionally been time-consuming, labour-intensive, and often resulted in inconsistent outcomes. However, at Airtight Solutions, we use the latest available air-sealing technologies: Aerobarrier Connect and Boost. These cutting-edge solutions streamline setup and cleanup, enable precise and efficient sealing, and significantly increase productivity. Sealing multi-family units has never been easier. 

In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of AeroBarrier Connect and the added efficiency of Boost Technology.

AeroBarrier Connect: Enhancing the Entire Air Sealing Process

AeroBarrier Connect is a comprehensive air-sealing technology that brings a new level of precision and control to the process. Its modular design simplifies setup and cleanup, while the smart nozzle stations deliver customized sealant applications for each room.

Here’s how AeroBarrier Connect impacts the entire air-sealing process:

  1. Fast and Simple Setup and Cleanup: The smart nozzle stations feature their own sealant and water reservoirs, reducing the number of hoses needed and eliminating time-consuming refills. Integrated flushing capabilities enable the system to be cleaned within minutes, ensuring rapid transitions between projects.

  2. Precision Sealant Application: Equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, the smart nozzle stations customize the sealant delivery to each room. This ensures that the optimal amount of sealant is applied to seal leaks effectively, eliminating wasted materials. The mesh network of smart nozzle stations communicates real-time progress, allowing for efficient sealant distribution.

  3. Full-Service Trailer for Versatile Work Environments: AeroBarrier Connect has a full-service trailer equipped with an electronic air compressor and a separate compartment for an industrial-grade diesel generator. This setup enables air sealing to be carried out anywhere without delays and can work independently of the site’s power supply. The flexibility provided by the trailer allows for increased efficiency and productivity.

How AeroBarrier Connect Works

The AeroBarrier Connect system deploys smart nozzle stations throughout the building being sealed.

Here’s a breakdown of the air-sealing process:

  1. Pressurization: The building is pressurized using a blower door and a high-powered centrifugal fan. This creates a controlled environment that facilitates the detection and sealing of leaks.

  2. Sealant Application: A mist of safe, non-toxic sealant particles is released into the pressurized space. The sealant particles are automatically drawn to any leaks, sealing them effectively. AeroBarrier Connect’s software monitors the process in real time, allowing for precise adjustment of airtightness to meet project requirements.

  3. Certification and Documentation: A certificate of completion is generated after the air sealing process, providing before and after results for construction records. This documentation demonstrates the achieved level of airtightness and ensures compliance with industry standards.

Boost Technology: Unleashing Increased Productivity

In addition to AeroBarrier Connect, Airtight Solutions utilizes Boost Technology as an add-on to the system. Boost Technology enables the simultaneous sealing of two multifamily units, significantly enhancing productivity.

Key benefits include:

  1. Increased Efficiency: Boost Technology harnesses the power of AeroBarrier Connect to seal two multifamily units concurrently. This reduces the time required for air sealing, enabling faster completion of projects and keeping construction schedules on track.
  2. Guaranteed Air Sealing: AeroBarrier Connect and Boost Technology combination ensures reliable and guaranteed air sealing. Leaks, visible or not, up to ½” in size, and as small as a human hair, are effectively sealed, providing exceptional airtightness and energy efficiency.

AeroBarrier Connect and Boost Technology are transforming the air sealing process in the construction industry.

At Airtight Solutions our team is equipped with the latest training for using these technologies. With precise control, simplified setup and cleanup, and increased productivity, these innovative technologies deliver exceptional results.

AeroBarrier Connect and Boost Technology provide efficient, reliable, and guaranteed air sealing solutions that improve energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and overall building performance for single-family homes or multifamily projects.

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